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Southeastern Connecticut faced drought and growth conditions in the 1960’s. Southeastern Connecticut Water Authority (SCWA) was created in 1967 by the Connecticut General Assembly in response to these conditions. Our enabling legislation (Act 381) provides many abilities including establishing and implementing long-range programs to meet water supply requirements.

SCWA'S Mission Statement: The Southeastern Connecticut Water Authority is a statutorily mandated non-profit agency charged with the planning, coordination and development of potable water sources and delivery systems to adequately serve all the communities of Southeastern Connecticut. The Authority endeavors to work with municipalities, the Regional Planning Agency, tribal nations, and private water companies to periodically assist in updating the regional water supply plan to address future needs, and to provide recommendations for source and delivery system actions related to said needs.

​SCWA's Vision Statement: A regional resource to the communities of Southeastern Connecticut for the planning, development and management of public drinking water. A facilitator of safe and reliable sources of potable water for the region. A reliable provider of quality water to a broad range of SCWA customers.

The Authority is a seven member board, appointed by the Representative Advisory Board, comprised of two members from each of the 21 municipalities and boroughs in Southeastern Connecticut. The Representative Advisory Board, in addition to appointing members, annually audits the financial records of the Authority. It also holds public hearings on proposed changes in rates. Within the Representative Advisory Board, there are several standing committees including Finance, Legislative, and Customer Appeals. The Customer Appeals Committee’s purpose is to resolve misunderstandings between the Authority and its customers. Your municipality's Representative Advisory Board members are your direct representatives.



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