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1.  Southeastern Connecticut Water Authority Meetings:

Notice is hereby given that the regularly scheduled meetings of the Authority will be held at 5:15 PM on the following dates:


               January 10                                                    July 11

               February 14                                                   August 8

               March 21                                                       September 12

               April 11                                                         October 17

               May 9                                                            November 14

               June 13                                                         December 12


Authority meetings are held at the SCWA office, which is located at 1649 Route 12, Gales Ferry Commons, Gales Ferry, CT.                                                       


2.  SCWA Representative Advisory Board Meetings:

Regularly scheduled joint meetings of the SCWA Representative Advisory Board and the Southeastern Connecticut Water Authority will be held at 7:00 PM, at rotating locations, on the following dates:


               Date                                     Location

               January 20                            Virtual

               April 21                                 Groton Town Library (Tentative due to COVID Restrictions)

               July 21                                  TBD   

               October 20                            TBD


Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic meetings are currently being held virtually using public meeting guidelines established by the Governor to limit the spread and impact of the virus.  






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