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Minutes of the July 20, 2015 Water Authority Meeting

Southeastern Connecticut Water Authority

1649 Route 12, Gales Ferry, CT






Authority:  Chairman Monahan, Vice-Chairman Watson, Member Franciosi, Member Balestracci, and Member Mullane.


Authority Staff:  General Manager Cansler


Chairman Monahan called the meeting to order at approximately 5:15 p.m. 


Approval of Prior Minutes

On motion of Mr. Watson, seconded by Mr. Balestracci, the Authority approved the minutes of the

June 29, 2015 Water Authority Meeting, and the minutes of the July 13, 2015 Special Authority Meeting, by a vote of 4-0, with one abstention (Mr. Mullane). 


Public Comment on any Item on the Agenda - None


Correspondence – None


General Manager’s Report


1.  SCWA bid to provide Water Services for the Town of Ledyard

SCWA submitted a bid on July 15, 2015, to provide meter reading, customer notices, and water billing/collection services, for Town of Ledyard customers.   This bid was in response to a June 15, 2015 Town of Ledyard Request for Proposal (RFP), titled “Water Services”.   A previous RFP, in 2010, had included these services in a larger RFP package that also included repair and maintenance of the Ledyard water distribution system.  Mr. Cansler noted that as of this meeting SCWA had not heard anything back from the Town of Ledyard regarding our proposal.


2.  Regional Considerations

The Authority has been involved with, or is monitoring, various regional items, including:

  • Mr. Cansler explained that Pursuant to Public Act 14-163, the State is in the process of developing a State Water Plan for the management of water resources in the State of Connecticut and is required to be presented by the State Water Planning Council to the General Assembly by January 1, 2018.  WPC has assembled a Steering Committee to coordinate the development of the Plan.  In conjunction with a State Water Plan DPH is currently soliciting proposals for firms to assist with the three Water Utility Coordinating Committees (WUCCs).  The sequence of convening each WUCC would be with the Western water supply management area first, followed by the Central, and then Eastern management area WUCC last.  To date SCWA has not been actively involved in either the State Water Plan, or the current WUCC; but we are anticipating involvement in both as they develop.    


  • SCWA Interaction with the Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments (SCCOG).  Chairman Monahan periodically attends the regular monthly SCCOG meetings. 


  • SCCOG Regional Water Committee’s Technical Advisory Subcommittee (TAS).  SCWA staff has been participating on the SCCOG Regional Water Committee’s Technical Advisory Subcommittee (TAS).    The most recent TAS meeting occurred on June 4th, 2015 and was attended by the SCWA General Manager, Mr. Cansler.


3.  North Stonington Tank Failure

The North Stonington SCWA water system continues to operate via a temporary pumping system, as a result of the hydro-pneumatic tank rupture on June 23, 2015.  This temporary system increases the risk of a well breakdown because the wells have to run every few minutes.  On June 16 and 17 we had AZ Electrical install a verbatim warning system that will automatically call the emergency on-call person if one of the wells fails, or if the pressure in the system gets too high or low.  In addition, we have an extra well pump and well motor on hand if one of the wells fails.  Concept plans, and a price estimate, for the new modular pump house should be ready by July 22, 2015.  The new pump house will be a modular unit, built to our specifications, with the pump house equipment built-in.  It should be ready for hook-up by mid-October.  In addition, the 100,000 gallon atmospheric tank will need to be inspected before it is reconnected back into the permanent system to determine if there was any damage as a result of the rupture of the hydro-pneumatic tank.  Mr. Mullane requested that Mr. Cansler send a letter to the Town of North Stonington stating that SCWA will be constructing a new pump station on the same site, but in a slightly different location than the current pump house, which is now condemned.


4.  Capital Projects

  • Lantern Hill Division Pumping Evaluation/Upgrade- Mr. Cansler met with Jim Ericson of Lenard Engineering to discuss what upgrades are required, and other alternatives to upgrading the system.  Lenard prepared an estimate of proposed upgrades.  Mr. Cansler met with Aquarion on June 10th to discuss possible alternatives to providing water to the 24 residents in Lantern Hill currently using SCWA water.   Mr. Cansler stated that we are still waiting on a response back from Aquarion.


  • Cedar Ridge Division Pump station, Elimination of “Confined Space”.  (Note:  All OSHA requirements and best management safety practices are being followed pending elimination of the confined space).  Lenard Engineering has completed the updated plans/specs for this project, and SCWA sent a notice on July 20th, 2015 to “The Day” newspaper to advertise the Request for Proposal.   

  • Tank Inspections- On July 7, 2015 CT DPH sent out a circular recommending inspection of all hydro-pneumatic tanks.  SCWA already had plans to move forward with inspections of our tanks. 


5.  DWSRF Emergency Generator Program

SCWA is preparing spec/procurement documents to request bids for three (3) generators at Montville, Chesterfield, and Tower-Ferry View locations.  Once bids are received SCWA will submit bids to the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) to request funding through the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF).  SCWA has already received approval of a 45% subsidy grant for a new generator at Tower-Ferry View, and a 25% subsidy for each replacement generator at Montville and Chesterfield.  


6.  Town of Preston – Public Water Assistance Request

At the March 16th, 2015 Water Authority Board meeting, the Authority Board approved the final draft of the “Addendum To The Operating & Monitoring Agreement” between the Town of Preston and the Water Authority.  Purpose of the Addendum was to establish a methodology for SCWA support to two off-site, non-municipal customers as part of the Monitoring Agreement.  This Agreement authorizes SCWA to serve as the contract water service operator for the Town of Preston, operating several public water supply systems, including the system at the Preston Veterans Memorial School.   Mr. Cansler sent notarized copies to the Town of Preston requesting their signatures, so we can finalize this agreement.   


7.  Town of North Stonington - New Center for Emergency Services

The Town of North Stonington is constructing a new Center for Emergency Services.  To support the new facility the Town has been awarded a Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP) grant of $245,400, from the State of Connecticut, to extend SCWA’s water distribution system.  The grant will be used to extend the water main further into the Town Center, and to the new Center for Emergency Services.  The project will require the installation of 1500 feet of water main.  SCWA has been working with the Design/Engineer Firm to assist with planning the main extension and Emergency Center water system.   As a result of the project to rebuild the pump station at North Stonington, engineers for SCWA and the Town are now re-looking fire flow capacities within the system. 


8.  Montville High School Water Supply

For several years the Town of Montville has been trying to address water quality issues at their well serving Montville High School.  In the past SCWA has discussed the possibility of connecting to our Chesterfield system.  During a meeting on June 23, 2015 with Vicky Carrier of DPH, Mr. Cansler learned that Montville has established a test well near the school, and is waiting on sampling results to determine if a new well can support the High School. 


9.  Montville Oakdale Elementary School Water Supply

SCWA is working with the Montville School District to provide an alternate water source to the Oakdale School’s well system.  After analysis of the usage logs at the Oakdale School it was determined that there is enough capacity to support the school from SCWA’s Montville District.  At the May 18th, 2015 Authority Board meeting, the Authority approved supporting the Oakdale Elementary School either as a primary and/or back-up water provider.  We are told that Montville has included a budget line item in their FY16 schools budget to pay for construction of the connection to the SCWA system.


10.  FY 2016 Proposed Rate Increase

The FY16 SCWA budget includes a proposed 5% increase in water rates, service charges, capital charges and connection charges, with the projected implementation date of November 1, 2015.  This proposed increase is subject to a public hearing and further Authority consideration. The Representative Advisory Board (RAB) “Rate Review Procedure” dictates a 90 day review process.  The attached proposed schedule was developed in consideration of the RAB procedure.


Other Business - None


Report from Chairman  - None


Report from Authority Members – None



Public Comment – None


On motion of Ms. Franciosi, seconded by Mr. Balestracci, the Authority adjourned at approximately

5:40 p.m. 


It was noted the next Authority meeting is scheduled to occur on August 10th, 2015, 5:15 p.m. at

1649 Rt. 12, Gales Ferry, CT. 



      Joseph C. Cansler  


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